The company’s overall objective is to satisfy a market that demands quality service, to maintain a steady growth through diversification of business activities which will provide for sustainable financial return above shareholders expectations.

Fujairah National Shipping’s foundation is based on meeting our customer expectations – linked directly to continuous improvement in its products and services.



FNS will continually strive to be market leaders by meeting the needs of our customer; offering quality services which provide the best combination of cost, speed & reliability.

Fujairah National Shipping is represented by a multicultural and highly motivated team with the following in common – our knowledge of and our commitment to the organization and the world of shipping.



To reach the highest standards –

• We depend on our people, their welfare, expertise and training.

• Our people’s development, security, health and safety.

• We foster strong ethical values and team spirit, reward commitment, loyalty and initiative.

• We demonstrate respect for the environment, are committed to accountability, honesty and transparency.