Fujairah National Shipping (FNS) is committed to quality throughout its business to achieve customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and minimise risk. It has been awarded the internationally recognised and independent quality standard ISO 9001-2008 and is undertaking ISO 9001-2015 certification. As a ship owner, it also has compliance to ISM standards.


A methodology of Plan-Do-Check-Act is followed, which is applied to all services and activities associated with Port Agency operations and related functions.


Plan – FNS has established objectives of providing a consistent and defined level of quality services, in accordance with our principal’s requirements and FNS policies.


Do – FNS will implement the policies and procedures described in this manual.


Check – FNS will monitor and measure the processes against its policies and objectives, and will record and report the results.


Act – FNS will take action to improve process performance.